How to get a fake doctor's note

Let’s be honest, at some point or other you will want to skip work. You may be feeling down, you may have something better to do or you just want to sit down at home and chill. No matter what reason you may want to skip work, I am going to show you how you can fake a doctors note from the comfort of your own sofa (I am not responsible for what you do, so be careful).

Fake doctor’s note template could be quite tricky to use. Some of it are supplied as an outdated product wherein you will just discover that the office address where pointing into some building that was demolished a long time ago. Some of it contains engenieering terms that sound like a medical term. These factors are reason enough why you should take caution using one.

For this to work you will need some basic materials. To begin you need a printer (if you don’t have one the best option is to go to your local library), internet access (this one is kinda obvious), paper and ink. Again, if you don’t have the materials at home I recommend going to your local library to print out the doctor’s note (it may cost around a dollar or so however). Once you have gathered all your materials head to in your favorite browser (I recommend just copying and pasting the link to save time and effort as the link is surprisingly long).

This may take a little while depending on how fast or slow your internet is (however it is likely to only take a few seconds on modern connections). Once the file has fully downloaded, print it out onto the paper mentioned above. When it comes to printing out a doctor’s note you need to be somewhat stealthy. Your employer will probably investigate the note so try to not use your usual handwriting. Trust me, it’s a dead giveaway when your doctor just happens to have the same dirty writing style.

Also, be realistic. Don’t say you have some severe illness, but don’t make your illness too minor. The template linked has information about you to fill in Don’t fake your info, your employer knows it already so it makes no sense to fake it! To summarize, don’t be an idiot. I can’t guarantee 100% satisfaction, however this method worked for me multiple times. Employers want you to work, but at the end of the day we can’t work as much as they want us to do. Stick it to the man, take a day off. Maybe you could see your kids, talk to family, relax, make friends but at the end of the day you are being yourself rather than a generic worker. Enjoy your possible day off, thanks for reading.